I'm fit in just 20 minutes per week

  • personal trainer always present
  • train alone or as a pair
  • no need to change clothes
  • guaranteed results

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“I sometimes think, if only I’d known about this earlier”

Michel van Veen (36) tennis coach

Fit in 20 minutes a week!What is fit20?

fit20 is an intensive personal training programme in just 20 minutes a week.

With fit20 you always exercise under the guidance of your personal trainer. You train once a week at an agreed time in your everyday clothes and no need to shower.

Choose whether to train alone or with a partner in a pleasant space with plenty of privacy. fit20 delivers fast results and is easy to stick with.

personal trainerpersonal trainer

gegarandeerd resultaatguaranteed results

optimale privacyoptimal privacy

alleen of als duoalone or
as a pair

omkleden niet nodigsports clothes not needed

makkelijk in te planneneasy
to plan

“People who know me were totally stunned”

Gerard Alberts (39) dentist

Fit in just 20 minutes a week!How does it work?

With fit20 you train in such a way that your body is optimally stimulated to get stronger and fitter fast.

With the help of your personal trainer, and in a safe environment, you spend the 20 minute workout seeking out the limits of your muscular strength.

Your muscles are pushed beyond their current capacity, so that your entire body adapts itself in a positive way: you become stronger and fitter, and your condition improves.

“I've noticed a clear difference in my general fitness and staying in good shape”

Bianca Brouwer (43) travel advisor

Fit in just 20 minutes a week!What are the main benefits?

You save a huge amount of time! What’s more, within 2 months you’ll find that you’re stronger, fitter, slimmer and more energetic.

Your fitness and health improve. If you're currently out of shape, you’ll notice how climbing the stairs is easy again. Those back pains and vague aches often quietly disappear within 3 months.

If you already do a sport such as mountain biking, jogging or golf your performances will pick up. And you’ll feel good about yourself. Because fit20 is a training programme that you will stick to with sessions that you will attend.

“I see the positive impact of the training in everything”

Sven Kurznack (36) sales & logistics

Fit in just 20 minutes a week!What does it cost?

fit20 is designed to make personal training affordable for everyone.

You train in optimal privacy with your own personal trainer in a pleasant fit20 studio at an agreed time that suits you. Your results are recorded using an iPad app and your progress is carefully monitored. There are different kind of subscription options, please contact your studio and ask for the costs.

“Fantastic results, professional support, great value for money”

Robert van Bastelaar Walsh (66) managing director

Where can I do my freeintroductory session?

Please e-mail your contact details to info@fit20.nl and a studio
in the Netherlands will contact you shortly.

If you interested in another country, then please send
your contact details to: international@fit20.com.

“Finally! This is what I’ve been waiting for!”

Jolanda van der Ham (52) management assistant