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At fit20 you train without having to wear special sport gear. Because you don't sweat, showering and changing are not necessary. That’s why we have no changing area or showers in our studios. On the other hand, we provide 20 square meters of floor space for every client.

Due to special technology, there is no physical contact between you and your trainer. The 1.5 meter distance can therefore be guaranteed at all time. Additional instructional stickers ensure that you are always 1.5 meters away from others during the workout, and when entering and leaving the studio.

Before and after the training every person present washes or disinfects their hands. The training equipment will be disinfected after use. The studio also has an optimal indoor climate. Training with a mouth mask is not a problem.

We will be happy to welcome you again from December 13th at fit20!

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“I will continue to do this as long as I can”

The change story of Michiel van Haastert

I play golf and when I previously had walked 18 holes I was dead tired. Now I can do that more or less without problems.

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"My muscles are more defined and I have more energy"

The change story of Jan Willem van Weerdenburg

“After more than six months training I have noticed during my other sports activities that my basic condition has improved as well as the condition and definition of my muscles.” .

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Our success story of


More than 13,000 members

More than 13,000 people visit a fit20 studio every week and train to get stronger, fitter and healthier. Our fit20 trainers have 1 million training sessions. Experience it yourself!


Over 120 studios in Europe

fit20 was founded in The Netherlands, and successfully expanded to other European countries. We have studios in Great Britain, Belgium, and Germany and we are still growing


Worldwide expansion

We have recently started our expansion in the USA. We also have studios open in the Middle East and New Zealand.

Why do you always train with a personal trainer at ?

Exercise research (see video Prof. Dr. James Steele) clearly shows that training results are better when you working out with a trainer. Our trainers help you stay motivated and coach you through the difficult spots. They pay attention to your posture to avoid injury. They also monitor your breathing, your exercise pace and rhythm, so you get the best results from your training. Finally, they record your performance every week to track your progress. Of course, they love answering your questions about the fit20 training and what it does for your health and fitness.

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