Weekly appointment

A big advantage of a weekly fit20 training appointment is that it helps you stay committed and be consistent. Key aspects of any effective change strategy. Your fit20 appointment becomes part of your weekly routine. And on days when you may not feel like going, you will go because your trainer is expecting you. Over time, a good wellness habit form.

Value for money

With fit20, you plan your session when it suits you best. That is how your training becomes a convenient weekly routine. If needed you can always reschedule your appointments to keep your weekly consistency. This is how you get 100% value for your money with fit20. Weekly sessions build strength and health benefits over time, getting you the best results.

Continuous positive change

Instead of getting discouraged because you broke your fitness promise to yourself again, something quite different will happen at fit20. Our members stick to their weekly training routine, they feel better and keep going. Because your fit20 training is convenient and highly effective, you will be able to keep this promise to yourself easily and the result is a continuous positive change you will be able to see and feel!

Results by appointment

We all know consistency matters and makes the difference. Training by appointment is motivating. Because your trainer is expecting you, you are less likely to make excuses or let other things take priority over your wellness. When you come every week you build consistency and confidence. You are sticking to your plan and achieving your goals and that is why it becomes easier to follow through. It will become a healthy habit that is very rewarding, you can feel yourself becoming stronger, fitter and more energetic.

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