Focus and tranquility

The fit20 studio is quiet, peaceful and clean. Nothing distracts you from your training effort. The quality of your training experience with your trainer is very important to us. We know your time is valuable and we are committed to coaching you through an optimal training session in 20 minutes. The fit20 trainers have the expertise to guide our members to higher fitness levels. Our members appreciate the efficiency of our training method and the privacy and peacefulness of our studios.

Train with mindfulness

Our goal is to coach you to your optimal health and fitness levels. There will be no distractions, the program is personalised for your unique needs, you can fully focus on your best effort. We will help you get results beyond your expectations.

Privacy and no distractions

We have designed our studios to be quiet and peaceful. Nothing will be there to distract you from your focused training. Therefore, we have no mirrors, TVs, and we don’t play music. Our studios are designed for efficiency.

Our studio is inviting

Not everyone is comfortable in a standard gym environment. Traditional gyms can be crowded, noisy, sweaty, and have wait times for equipment. Some people are overwhelmed and unsure what exercises to do or how the equipment works. The fit20 studio is different. There is no guesswork and no waiting. We are human-scale, work one-on-one (or one-on-two) with our members and take care of all the details for each person. You just come in and do your best and before you know it you have finished another great training session. We have made it very convenient to get stronger, fitter and healthier in just 20 minutes per week.

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