Mission, vision and core values

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fit20 is an international company founded in the Netherlands. The first fit20 studio opened in 2009. Today we have more than 120 studios in the Netherlands and we continue to grow. We have studios in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Qatar, USA, and New Zealand. Soon more countries will follow, including France and Germany

We have received several industry awards for innovation and entrepreneurship, including the prestigious Dutch Gazelle award in 2005 and 2017. It has been a great honor to receive these awards and recognition from the business community. However, our purpose always lies with providing an exceptionally effective and efficient training experience for our members. Our greatest reward has always been our happy, healthy and loyal member base.

fit20 has developed a very precise and rigorous educational system for franchise owners and trainers. We consider this to be a fundamental building block of our success strategy.

We are a franchise company. Each studio is independently owned and operated by a franchise owner. Most studios have multiple trainers. In total more than 300 fit20 trainers working side-by-side with the franchise owners.

The fit20 world headquarters is located in the Netherlands. All employees in the headquarters, including our founder Walter Vendel, train weekly at fit20. We are all changed by fit20!

Several large companies have in-house fit20 studios to help keep their employees fit and healthy. For instance Siemens, Ahold, Randstad, Yokogawa and Heerema.

fit20 is a mission-driven company with strong core values.

We add strength to your life

High intensity strength training is the most important form of training for overall health and wellness. This includes resilience, vigor, cognitive function and mental focus. We add strength so you can get the most out of your life.

Strength changes everything

Strength is one of the best predictors of survival and longevity. Strength improves almost every health outcome and is therefore extremely important for general health and well-being at all ages.

Personal attention

Core Value 1

We give the personal attention required to guarantee success.

Realising potential

Core Value 2

Every person possesses physical, emotional and mental potential. We help our members realise their health and fitness potential.

Learning is everything

Core Value 3

Continuous learning and growth are the foundation of success.

We share success

Core Value 4

We celebrate and learn from each other's successes, building our knowledge base and experience.

fit20 Belgium, Inc

fit20 Belgium is the headquarter for the fit20 brand. Here we train and support our franchise owners, regional developers, and our fit20 certified trainers.

Please contact your nearest studio for questions regarding training, appointments, pricing and directions.

fit20 Belgium

Brusselsesteenweg 16
3080 Tervuren


+32 (0) 2 899 9100

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