Customer story of Mafalda Vasconcelos

Customer story of Mafalda Vasco

“fit20 has become a life saviour for me’’

fit20 has become a life saviour for me. It has given me some quality of life back. I am stronger and have more resistance and am beginning to feel overall in better shape. I am now able to walk for longer periods and even when I overwork my joints I recover much faster. Any of you who know what it’s like to live with pain, will understand when I say that to find myself painless or with so much less pain that no pain killers are necessary is a great improvement. This is the reason that pushes me not only to go but to return every week and finally sign on now for a year.

I first came across fit20 on facebook and was interested. However it wasn’t until I discovered a colleague of mine was also interested that I gathered up the courage to go for a try out session with her. We enjoyed it so much we signed up on the spot.

The whole concept was attractive to me. It was close to the office, it had coaches - so I wouldn’t be able to cheat, it only took 20 min. - I didn’t even have to change clothes, finally it was done sitting down (WOW- I hate sports and am super lazy, so you can imagine how that went down :D )

The try-out session showed me that it would be achievable but it pushed me out of my comfort zone. Strength is something I needed to work on, and this seemed like a good way to do it.
I suffer from arthrosis and immediately after the first session I felt that it was easier to carry myself around.
Time wise, my job does not allow for much free time and this concept of 20 minutes is easy to manoeuvre around, agenda wise.

The sessions at Ambiorix are pushed but with the right motivation it’s totally achievable. Whether it be Tancredi or Nico, even if I work most of the time with Tancredi, they are both extremely professional in their approach, and they encourage me to push my limits and better myself every time. Without them I would give up easier that is for sure. I have improved at every session and they help ensure that I don’t damage my muscles. I come out feeling tired but happy with my efforts. For the first time I find myself looking forward to the next session (where’s lazy now ;) ), I wish I could do it every 2 days or whatever… Thank you guys J

I recommend fit20 because I believe it is a great method to improve strength and tonus. If you suffer from arthrosis like me all I can say is to come and give it a try, you may find like me that it does help you get through the week and tasks somewhat easier than before. On top of it all, tell me where else do you find a sport that you can do on a stress agenda that only takes 20 minutes? And you don’t have to change clothes!(I swear by it). And cherry on the cake…. How often does anyone propose you to do sport sitting down (if you are as sports minded as I am that one is a winner :D – PS: my sporty friends do it too ;)) I love fit20 and I highly recommend it because for my life style it’s super convenient and it has improved my life dramatically.

Mafalda Vasconcelos