My weekly instructor is a truly professional and calm instructor

Customer story of Mafalda Vasco

At the end of last year following several failed attempts to be brave and visit the Fit20 I ventured to ring the door and have a meeting with Mike from the gym, I wasn’t looking to be Mr Universe and didn’t have the time, interest or discipline to go to the gym, however 20mins a week would surely fit my busy life schedule……

My weekly instructor is Mr Kaan, a truly professional and calm instructor and at the same time clear about getting the best out of you despite the pain and discomfort from those machines born out of something from ’The Terminator’.

Fit20 Tervuren has become a weekly appointment in my schedule & it’s no lie when I say it really does make you feel physically and mentally better!

Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Andy Baulcomb