Returning Customer Nikla Lancksweert

Customer story of Nikla Lancksweert

"I'm baaaack! As a mum of three sporty girls with a clothing company that enables patients to get dressed and be active while in hospital, I had no time to exercise or look after my own heart health. That just didn't seem right!

Thankfully, I found fit20 and loved it! It was the ideal solution for me. Quick. Regular (I couldn't miss a session with a coach waiting for me). No wasted time getting changed or showering. No red, sweaty face. And yet I had more energy, was stronger and ... big bonus ... I got defined, toned arms for the first time ever!

But despite loving the new me, the realities of startup life meant that I gave it up. Mistake. Big mistake!

This year my resolution is to take better care of myself and so I signed back up for at least a year, confident that with fit20 I'll soon have more energy to run around after the girls, and carry my bags of INGA Wellbeing tops, trousers and dresses. I can't wait to feel (and see) fit20 work its' magic again!"

Nikla Lancksweert